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NexTop Global is one of the promising consultancy firms which offers in-depth information regarding overseas education depending on candidate’s long-term goals and objectives to pursue their higher education at the right institution.

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Want to Study Abroad?

Dare to dream, dare to explore. Study abroad and set on a life-changing journey that will ignite your passion, shape your character, and open doors to a future without limits with NexTop Global.

“Experience the pinnacle of academic distinction. Choose the UK as your destination for higher education and embrace a world-class learning experience that combines tradition with cutting-edge research, nurturing your intellectual growth like never before.”

“Step into the realm of academic excellence and limitless possibilities. Choose the USA as your educational destination and embark on a transformative journey where you’ll be inspired by world-renowned faculty, collaborate with brilliant minds, and unlock the keys to your success.”

“Unleash your potential in the Great White North. Choose Canada as your educational destination, where stunning natural landscapes, a safe and welcoming environment, and a commitment to innovation converge to provide you with a world-class education that will empower you to reach new heights.”

“Embark on an adventure of knowledge and cultural immersion. Study in Australia, a country known for its top-ranked universities, welcoming communities, and a commitment to academic excellence, where you’ll expand your horizons, forge lifelong connections, and gain the skills to shape a bright future.”

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University Partners

Explore the world with our esteemed university partners and unlock a world of possibilities for your international education journey.

United Kingdom

Through collaborating, we empower students to embrace the limitless possibilities of world-class education in the United Kingdom.

United States

Unlock boundless opportunities for your academic journey by exploring world-class education in the USA with our expert guidance and comprehensive support.


In partnership with Canadian universities, we inspire students to pursue excellence, embrace diversity, and pave the way for global success.


Together, we empower students to excel, innovate, and to have a genuine Aussie lifestyle to be experienced.

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Guiding you to academic success

Our expert counselor will provide you with complete guidelines to reach your dream career.


Together, let’s navigate the intricacies of education, overcome obstacles, and achieve greatness.

At Nextop Global, we are committed to empowering students and helping them achieve their educational and career aspirations. Through our student educational counseling service, we aim to provide comprehensive guidance, support, and resources that enable students to make informed decisions and navigate their educational journey with confidence. We are dedicated to unlocking their full potential and paving the way for their future success.

NexTop Global offers comprehensive student guidance services and offers individualized support to help students navigate their academic careers with purpose. We guide students to choose the right university, right course, prepare them for interviews etc. to pursue their dreams.

We go above and beyond to provide meticulous documentation checks that elevate the application process to new heights. Our dedicated team of experts will review your application materials, transcripts, CVs, and any other necessary documentation verifying its accuracy, completeness, and in compliance with the requirements of your chosen educational institution. By entrusting us with this crucial step, you can have peace of mind knowing that your paperwork is in expert hands.

We understand that obtaining a visa can be a daunting task, filled with complexities and uncertainties. That’s where we step in. Our dedicated team is here to guide and provide you pre visa assistance for the entire visa application process. From assessing your visa eligibility to providing a comprehensive checklist of required documents, we strive to make the process as smooth as possible. Our knowledge enables students to successfully manage the difficulties of visa applications, improving their chances of success.

We believe that obtaining a visa is just the first step in your exciting journey. Our knowledgeable staff helps with paperwork, offers direction on visa requirements, and offers professional assistance to increase the chance of a visa application will be granted. We will support you through the gathering of necessary documents, ensuring that everything is in order and submitted on time. We are here to simplify the visa application process, allowing you to focus on the adventures that await you.

Nextop Global is here to support you even before you set foot in your international study destination. We offer pre-departure guidance on accommodation, lodging, travel plans, health insurance, and practical advice on adapting to new cultures and environments.

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Take a look at what our students are saying!

Raktim Das Raj Fleming College, Toronto, Canada

"I just received my Canada student visa. NexTop Global helped me a lot from the beginning of my application. Special thanks to "Mursalin Anan" bhai, who was extremely nice, encouraging, and supportive during the entire application process. Without a doubt, they are the best agency in Sylhet, and I definitely suggest them."

Mahidul Islam Mahi Swansea University, UK

"Alhamdulillah I have got my UK visa. Special thanks to team NexTop & Anon bhai for his excellent work, and he is such a talented & Experience person. He maintains all things very smoothly. I am very happy to be his client. I strongly recommend you Start your higher education journey with NexTop Global"

Alim Uddin Swansea University, UK

"Alhamdulillah for everything. Finally I have got my visa to study in the UK. Thanks to Almighty Allah, My Family, and everyone. I would like to give a huge thanks to NexTop Global for making this possible. I would like to say that my Visa process went very smoothly and transparent just because of them. It was a wonderful experience with NexTop Global. I am very fortunate to make my process with them. Alhamdulillah they provide very genuine, correct and perfect information to students. It is a trustworthy place to make your dream come true to study abroad. Based on my experience my recommendation is if you want to Study Abroad- NexTop Global is the best consultancy firm in Sylhet."

Safwan Hasan Coventry University, UK

"Alhamdulillah by the Grace of Almighty Allah and support from NexTop global my wife and I got a UK visa on 20th December and currently, we are in the UK. We are really grateful to team NexTop global for making our university application and visa process very smooth and fast. Special thanks to Anan Vai for his continuous support and help throughout the process. From University application to visa processing to flight ticket booking, he helped us and guided us in everything and we faced no problems at all. We are really lucky that we have chosen the best consultancy and we highly recommend NexTop Global to all the students who want to pursue their degree abroad."

Shahriar Shahi University Of Portsmouth, UK

‘’Alhamdulillah, I got my Uk Visa today. I am extremely thankful to NexTop Global consultancy for helping me to make my dream into reality. With their constant support and guidance, I got my Visa today. I will recommend this agency to those who like to study in the UK.’’

Jaber Tanbir Swansea University, UK

"Alhamdulillah. With the blessing of the Almighty Allah I got student visa of the United Kingdom. It is my long-time dream of study in abroad. At last it is going to be true. thanks to my parents who supported me, inspired and blessed me. Special thanks to NextTop Global. A team also helped and inspired me in everything."

Mahmudul Hasan Mahbub Keele University, UK

‘’With immense gratitude in my heart to the Almighty Allah, I have gotten my UK visa. In this process, NexTop Global was with me with their top-notch service. The entire team is very humble and fast and sincere as well. Highly recommended NexTop Global. Students can have a great experience with them. And last but not least I am grateful to this organization from the bottom of my heart.’’

Suhas Chowdhury University of Greenwich, UK

"By the grace of Allah and the immense help and guidance of NexTop Global, I have successfully reached the UK to complete my further study. Much love and respect to the man Anon! His guidance and the support of NexTop Global is first class and I wish for the best and recommend everyone NexTop Global whoever wants to pursue their studies abroad."

Rahid Ali University of Portsmouth, UK

"Alhamdulillah by the Grace of Almighty Allah and support from NexTop global my wife and I got UK visa on 20th December and currently we are in UK. We are really grateful to team NexTop global for making our university application and visa process very smooth and fast. Special thanks to Anan vai for his continuous support and help throughout the process. From University application to visa processing to flight ticket booking, he helped us and guided us in everything and we faced no problem at all. We are really lucky that we have choosen the best consultancy and we highly recommend NexTop Global to all the students who wants to pursue their degree from abroad."

Saleh Ahmed Rabbi Keele University, UK

"I contacted Mursalin Ahmed Anon Vai regarding UK Student Visa and Alhamdulillah Successfully got UK visa together with spouse, he was always very supportive, educated and kind, in every aspect. He advised me about possible fundings. He absolutely solves all the doubts i have about the process of my application and got me interviews with potential supervisor at The Ulster University ; he never charged me for anything. His Consultancy NexTop Global Certainly is the best education consultant there is. Not only will he inform you about the educational programs, but he will also find the best option for you and after this he will walk you through all the process. He has an excellent disposition and no matter the time or day if you need something he will be there to lend you hand. I strongly recommend him to be your choice for an education consultant."

Abdul Mumin Nehal Birmingham City University, UK

"Alhamdulillah by the grace of Almighty Allah I got my UK visa. The journey was so hard for me though I got amazing support from an consultancy named NexTop Global. The journey is full of so many hardships, hassles, struggles and tensed moments. In every steps Mursalin Anan vai motivate me. The things he did for me through out the journey, I have no words to explain! I never ever forget his effort❤️. I strongly recommend NexTop Global, it will make your journey flexible."

Mostofa Jalal Mahi University Of Leicester, UK

"Alhamdulillah . By the grace of almighty Allah & the heartiest effort of NexTop Global I get my UK visa today.. The whole NexTop Global team works very professionally. They have got a perfect knowledge of the whole procedure and I would highly recommend everyone whoever seeking to apply UK .Thank you very much NexTop Global and best of luck everyone! ❤️"

Parvej Jamil Rabbi Swansea University, UK

"Alhamdulillah, By the grace of Almighty Allah, I got my student visa today. Many many thanks to almighty Allah for this. Many thanks to my parents who support me always. I'm really happy and grateful to NexTop Global. The way they treat and help a student is quite unique comparing to other Educational Agency, as I visited so many agency. Thanks a lot, thanks a million NexTop Global . Everyone from NexTop Global family is very friendly and helpful. I'm really really glad by the help of NextTop Global. If anyone is worried about his/her study abroad journey, just visit NexTop Global they will help you in every possible way."

Wahidul Islam Tanvir

"Those person's involve with NexTop Global have plenty of experience about processing file for study abroad and they will try there best to achieve one's goal."

    Directors Word

    The vision of the founders of NexTop Global

    Asif Labib

    Director, NexTop Global

    Mursalin Anon

    Director, NexTop Global

    Jahirul Suhan

    Director, NexTop Global

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Clearing Up Common Inquiries

    General Queries

    Yes, there are other language proficiency tests that are accepted by educational institutions besides IELTS. Those are: OIETC, PTE, DUOLINGO. But remember, language proficiency requirements vary among institutions and programs.

    Yes, it is possible to work while studying. Many students choose to work part-time or on a flexible schedule to support themselves financially or gain practical experience. The hours however differ from country to country.

    Yes, there are scholarship opportunities for every university.

    Yes. Our counsellors have in-depth expertise and experience of what it takes to create a personal statement that will grab the interest of the universities you are applying to.

    Application Queries

    • Passport
    • Academic Certificates
    • Academic Transcripts
    • Recommendation Letter
    • Work Experience (if required)
    • English Proficiency Test Certificate

    It depends on the University. Typically it takes a week to four weeks.

    In most cases, there are no application fees. However, if the university has application fees, then you can pay it through a debit/credit card.

    Yes, most universities have an assessment interview in their application process. Also, there are a few universities where interview is not required.

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